Great results from digital marketing in our HVAC market

When you own your own business, every single day comes with its own challenges. It just goes with the territory. But sustaining my HVAC business is a challenger worth meeting every day. And, I have done pretty well thus far. Having started with very little, just to be still in business is a win. However, that just isn’t enough. While I am thankful to be doing what I want to do and for myself, I want to grow this HVAC business. Now that I have a few trucks and a payroll, it became time to start taking my marketing much more seriously. That is why I have turned to digital marketing. The time for flyer and promotional material seems to be over for me. I believe there is certainly a place for traditional advertising. But if I really want to start taking more of the market share, I had to go with something proven like online marketing. SEM or search engine marketing is where I am now putting my money from my marketing budget. Using tactics like SEO, PPC and link building, my HVAC company is getting in front of the people I need to approach. Just hoping someone will see my sign and then maybe wander over to my website just isn’t a good strategy. With online marketing, my company’s image is in front of the right set of eyes. The results thus far have been really encouraging. The traffic being driven to our site is far more than it was just months ago. I’m very satisfied with online and digital marketing.


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