Guest apartment awesome now with residential Heating & Air Conditioning

I can’t get enough of the guest apartment that we’d been using for storage since my fine friend and I bought this site, but the idea of me owning a cabin that had a guest apartment was sort of weird, and i’m genuinely not that guy.

But the fact is, this is an older place plus way back then, there were separate quarters for guests, then our cabin was built well before the advent of residential Heating & Air Conditioning, then and it’s not palatial by any means.

Too often, people here that my fine friend and I have a guest cottage plus know my fine friend and I live in a mansion. That’s so not the case. In fact, my fine friend and I couldn’t even live in the apartment for a year after my fine friend and I bought it. That’s how much renovating that had to be done, but since my fine friend and I were basically gutting the inside of the main apartment plus taking things to the studs, my fine friend and I had HVAC duct installed in order to have central air conditioner. The apartment has been finished a while now plus we’ve been in it for more than a year. It genuinely is a treasure plus I have to tip my cap to my wifey whose vision was brought to life. But when it came to the guest cottage, that was on me. It seemed a stupid waste for it to just be storing our junk. So I called the Heating & Air Conditioning business first to get some heating plus cooling in there. They put in a pair of ductless heat pumps as I wasn’t going full renovation on the guest house. I have to say, all I had to do was add some furnishing, rehab the awesome pine flooring plus throw up some fresh paint once my fine friend and I had residential Heating & Air Conditioning in there, and now, it’s my go to spot when I need some me time.

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