Guilty weekends – lone Heating, Ventilation, and A/C user

My boyfriend and I have a pretty complicated relationship and household life, if I can talk to you honestly.

My fantastic friend and I care about each other certainly, certainly much, but there is a lot of confrontation between us on a regular basis! Part of this is definitely due to my own shortcomings; namely, my unfortunate mental health issues.

One of the best ways to circumvent our nasty arguments is having time away from each other, when he goes out of town for the weekend to travel for work or to see family. I genuinely care about my time spent alone in the house, except for one small part. I regularly feel so incredibly guilty. Not about my man, he’s fantastic travelling alone, but about my energy expenditure in the house. You see, my friend and I reside in a certainly giant household with an open floor plan. It’s fantastic for us and our friends who come into town, but it’s a giant property to heat or cool regularly. This is normally not a large issue, because my friend and I feel like my friend and I utilize the central heating and cooling system quite responsibly, but I don’t feel that way when I’m household alone, but suddenly, I’m the only being who necessitates the heater or A/C unit. I’m the only soul that can feel uncomfortable and demand that the thermostat improves the indoor air quality. It makes no sense to pump high quality treated air into the entire 2720 square foot property when I’m only occupying 400 feet of it, but there’s not much other choice. These days, with the frigid outdoor air temperature and reluctance to power up the heater, I don’t feel quite as relaxed or rejuvenated when my boyfriend goes out of town for the weekend.



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