Happy not to program digital thermostat

It’s Spring again and while I’m glad to see everything green sort of exploding with new life, I also know what’s coming.

  • Sure, I love this time of year.

And as lovely and mild as our Winter is, the Spring is just that much more lovely. And this Spring, I’m determined to stay in the moment and enjoy this special time of year. But still, the notion that we are just a few months away from high heat and humidity never leaves my consciousness. Our Summer represents the toughest part of my year by far. Dealing with all that heat for four or five months is absolutely worth not having to have a gas furnace to survive a Winter. Air conditioning my home can be a bit of a dance. On the one hand, I’m very thankful to have the heat pump to provide the air conditioning we need to manage that sort of heat. But on the other hand, too much air conditioning kills the checking account and can make it tough for me to even go outside. So you have to walk a fine line between getting acclimated to the heat and having plenty of the cooling comfort that comes from the heat pump. This year, thanks to new HVAC technology, I have a new arrow in my quiver. The HVAC company recently installed a smart thermostat inside my home. Believe me, I’m so happy not to have to mess around with programming the digital thermostat throughout the Summer. This was something I did on a near weekly basis in order to mitigate the costs of air conditioning. Thanks to the smart thermostat, I won’t even have to bother with checking the thermostat setting as it’s going to take care of all of that.

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