Happy with a window air conditioner

For comfort in the summer, I don’t need to invest in a whole-house cooling system.

Our warm weather just doesn’t hang around all that long.

We’re fortunate if we manage three months of blue skies and sunshine. It’s often rainy, chilly and windy. When we finally get some nice weather, the last thing I want to do is keep the windows shut for the sake of running an air conditioner. After eight months of relying on the furnace and keeping the house sealed up tight, the indoor air is excessively dry, stale and stuffy. I’m anxious to open the windows and improve indoor air quality. I just love the feel of a fresh breeze. I certainly don’t want to spend much time inside the house. There’s always a ton of work waiting outside. I enjoy breathing fresh air and the sun on my skin as I mow the lawn, trim shrubs, rake and pull weeds. Any free time I have, I enjoy swimming, riding my bicycle and sitting in the sun, reading a book. I only head inside for meals and to sleep. There’s no reason to spend a great deal of money on the purchase, installation and operation of central air conditioning. Most of the rooms have ceiling fans that help to push the heat up and out of the house. I run box fans in the kitchen and living room to circulate the air. For my bedroom, I have a window air conditioner. The cooling unit is lightweight, compact and easy to both install and remove. During the fall and winter, I store the air conditioner in the attic. During late spring and summer, it is sufficient to keep the bedroom perfectly cool. Although the operational noise is minimal, it’s just loud enough to drown out exterior noise pollution, such as barking dogs, traffic and early morning birds. It circulates the air to keep it feeling fresh and filters out dust and other contaminants.

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