Have you ever heard of seasonal affective disorder? From what I understand, it's a overpriced label for the feeling some people get when they do not get enough sun while the two of us were in certain seasons of the year. This causes their mood to drop. I assume that's understandable. You might be a little confused when I say that I assume I'm the opposite. I assume I do not mind the sun, especially when it's a cool or chilly afternoon. It can be kind of nice. However, there has something special to myself and others about overcast or stormy afternoons. I get a burst of energy and a mood boost from this weather, and I do not know why. I enjoy it especially when it's chilly outside. Still, it is nice on chilly and cloudy or stormy afternoons to take refuge in a moderate and cozy home with a wonderful furnace, unique ly when it snows. This is the type of weather that actually gives myself and others a wonderful mood, which is different when so many other people seem to really miss the sun in the winter. I mean, if I went without it for a actually long time, I know I would know the drawback effects, but I love the dark and cold, so long as I can love the comfort of the soft light in our home and warmth from the furnace while I relax and watch the rain or snow fall. I guess it would be quite a different scenario if I didn't have the luck of these things to argument off the chill and the darkness.

Why I do not use a/c while the two of us were in our workout

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