Having a friend in the trade business can be a real help, sometimes

I was having one of those amazing summer days but I was burnt to a crisp from the sun.

  • I had looked forward to going home, jumping in the pool and cooling off by the new HVAC my neighbor just installed.

He was a new HVAC repair specialist and I was excited to let him try out his craft on my house, for a discount. He was too! I trusted his work, he seemed smart and professional to me since he moved in. I knew a little about heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical too, but I didn’t have a clue how to install a new air conditioner. I got home and my new cooling unit my neighbor installed was broken. It looked like a wire was loose, it had a bolt missing and it would not work or turn on. He explained his mistake he must have made and that he just went out of town with his girlfriend. He said he was worried, and would surely fix it when he got back on monday. It was friday and I was about to have to go the whole weekend without a proper air conditioner. It was the middle of summer, I had a huge party coming soon and I needed to cool the place down. I had a pool but what good was it to cram everyone outside. I had no idea what to do. I called a new service provider around the corner to come and fix the unit. I decided to tell my neighbor and to my surprise he was unhappy with the choice to go somewhere else. I told him that he made a mistake and I was paying for it, he told me he was sorry again and I got a crash course lesson on how to fix the air conditioner too. In the end the problem was fixed, it just cost a little bit of money and time but it was worth it to be cool and refreshed after a long day.


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