He also ended up getting a portable heating and cooling system

Sometimes when you have lots of money, it can be tough not to get carried away and buy a bunch of things you want.

My brother has that issue, and it is hard.

Recently, he made a large purchase, and my brother only slightly regretted it. You see, he made much more this year than he was expecting, and so when he had the occasion to splurge a bit, my brother took it. He was getting a new central air conditioner installed, and as the air conditioner specialist was talking about smart control units and HEPA air filters, my brother couldn’t help but to buy those too. He also ended up getting a portable heating and cooling system. So yeah. What started out as one easy Heating and Air Conditioning installation, which is already extravagant enough, turned into him buying multiple pieces of Heating and Air Conditioning technology. But my brother only slightly regretted it. He regrets not having lots of money anymore, but on the other hand, his beach house has never felt more comfortable than it feels right now. It feels like a totally different home. While my brother wouldn’t describe his home as uncomfortable before, there is something different now and he loves it. My brother has fantastic indoor air quality, a fantastic new control unit, a new and efficient air conditioner unit and a portable cooling device. That is about all he wanted too. Well, there is one more. Maybe one day he could get radiant heated flooring as well, but he has spent enough for now.

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