He offered up his home gym

My Uncle Bob is a genuinely great guy, he’s just a little hardcore.

People don’t understand his sense of humor, and often find him to be creepy. I adore the guy, in addition to supposing him to be 1 of the kindest and most generous people in the world. My uncle proved this to everyone genuinely recently, when our small neighborhood middle school suffered a water pipe eruption, which caused heavy damage to the gymnasium in addition to surrounding rooms. The middle school athletes no longer had a weight lifting room, so Uncle Bob offered up space on his property. My uncle had a massive barn, with excellent ventilation, that had enough space for all their weight lifting equipment. I know the students truly favorite using the barn, because it was so much larger than the gym at school. When you have twenty or thirty young boys all crowded into a small gym, it can negatively impact everyone’s workout routines. Having that extra space, not to mention that natural ventilation in addition to fresh country air, made the new gym a step above the old 1. Most gyms don’t have a dirt floor, however aside from that this 1 genuinely seemed to do the job well. But the damage at the school was repaired, the students didn’t want to go back to the old gym, so Uncle Bob told them to stay and use the barn as long as they wanted. Based on the way Uncle Bob’s arms in addition to chest are getting larger, I would say he enjoys using that gym in the barn as much as anyone else does!

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