HOA is relentless about HVAC issue

I often wonder how better the world would be if we all focused our energies on the big stuff. Instead, I see countless examples of authority being used for the dumbest stuff ever. The fact that our HVAC equipment can be seen from the street temporarily seems like a actually minor issue from any perspective. But if you happen to be a member of the HOA enforcement arm in our planned community, it’s so not a minor issue. Again, why are we wasting time on stuff like our HVAC equipment when there are real needs that should be addressed. I’m not at war with the plan of an HOA. While I think the need for an HOA is often grossly overstated, I understand the need. Both of us all want to protect our property values as our homes are big time investments. But having the HOA come down on me over a insane, minor heating and cooling situation is laughable. And sincerely, that’s the way I’m addressing all the threats from the HOA. Both of us took out a dying hedge that was hiding the HVAC equipment on the outside of our home. Both of us replaced that hedge and are now just waiting a few months for it to grow in a bit more. The HVAC equipment will once again be hidden from view. But that’s not nice enough for the HOA. They want a fence constructed and painted while the hedge grows. I told them to get stuffed and they could contract our lawyer with any further threats.

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