Home HVAC comfort just got easier

Change has not always been my friend.

I think this is one of the reasons I find it tough to get on board with changing up my life.

I tend to resist change for the longest time until I finally have no alternative. It wasn’t quite that way with the smart thermostat but it was close. In fact, it took some indoor football for me to finally change. It’s funny that I’m the one that destroyed the old digital thermostat. And particularly ironic since I’m always hollering at my boys to stop banging around inside the house. But it was me that threw the errant pass which ended the life of the old thermostat. I was aiming at my son but my release was late. While the pass was a nice spiral, it zeroed in on the thermostat. I found it really funny that even though I threw the ball, my boys went running when the ball hit the thermostat. I was the one who had to explain that one not the boys. But, I called the HVAC company and they came out to put in the smart thermostat that my wife had wanted anyway. So I guess it all worked out. Initially, I still wasn’t so sure how I felt about the smart thermostat though. I mean, it felt so unnatural that I didn’t have to move the settings in order to save money. But sure enough, after a full month of having the smart thermostat, I ended up saving nearly 20 percent more on my heating and cooling costs. That’s enough good from that change that it’s making me consider other things that maybe I should consider changing.

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