Hopefully This New HVAC Equipment Cools me Down Better

We just got a brand new HVAC system installed in our house as the old one was not working very well anymore and was constantly running, costing us lots of extra money in power bills each month.

We checked on the SEER ratings before buying this model and are confident it is going to cost us a lot less per month than most other models on the market. I just hope that it is strong enough to push sufficient air into my room at night because the old HVAC unit didn’t seem to do the job very well and I would end up hot and sweaty each night. I think the new air handler is more powerful and will do a better job at pushing air through all the vents properly. The HVAC rep who helped install the unit told us that it wouldn’t be a problem anymore and that all of the rooms would be cooled down evenly. I trust his judgment and we will soon find out if he was right. So far, it feels like the air is coming out better from the vent located in my room, so I think we are going to be okay. I just want my room air conditioned like it should be for the price we paid for the whole HVAC system. If it doesn’t work out then we will just contact the company and have them come out to see what needs to be changed. They are a good company and I am sure they are going to take care of us.
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