Hoping to fence out the man nextdoor

I’m hoping to afford a minimum of an eight-foot tall privacy fence

When our fiance and I first purchased our home, the houses on each side were empty and for sale, and for numerous years, not a single customer showed interest in either property… My fiance and I got genuinely accustomed to the peace, quiet and privacy, however all of us allowed the shrubs, trees, vines and weeds to grow up on the property line to further isolate us. About numerous months ago, the home to the left of us was sold; Two months later, the home on the right side also sold, and both modern property owners immediately started clearing away the vegetation on the property line. All of us now have a clear view of the houses, but i really don’t want to see the neighbors, and I genuinely don’t want them looking at myself and others when I’m drinking our morning pop on the patio! Plus, both neighbors have genuinely large, rather nasty and extremely louds dogs, however every time 1 of the dogs catches sight of myself and others or our fiance, they bark love crazy. I am not interested in making friends or socializing in any way with the neighbors. I am now looking into fencing to totally surround our property. I’ve researched and found numerous reputable fencing companys in the local area. I have busy a free estimate for this coming week. I don’t really care how much it costs, I’m going to have a fence put up as soon as possible. The only question is the style, material and height of the fence. I’m hoping to afford a minimum of an eight-foot tall privacy fence. I’d like vinyl because it requires no upkeep and lasts forever.



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