How a broken a/c nearly ruined our wedding day

When our partner Nike and I planned for our special day, both of us were sure that both of us had thought of everything.

The decor, the drinks, the lighting, both of us had it all typed out into nice spreadsheets that both of us followed to the T, and make sure that everything happened exactly the way both of us wanted it happen, not only for us, however for our guests as well.

The 1 thing neither of us anticipated was the Air conditioning in the locale having troubles. When I went with our gang of bridesmaids to start setting up I instantly realized that the locale felt so hot and humid. I started to panic, I told our future partner and he agreed, so both of us told the event supervisor instantly. She told us that there was a problem with the a/c, and that the Heating plus Air Conditioning service tech was being sent out instantly. With only a few fifths until the wedding, I was entirely freaking the heck out, however our maid of honor convinced myself and others to keep getting ready, and not to worry. What I didn’t find out until later was that the a/c filters were obstructed, and the Heating plus Air Conditioning components in the locale were unable to respectfully circulate and cool the air in the locale. I didn’t guess anything had been done about it either, not until I was walking down the aisle, and I instantly noticed how much cooler the air was inside of the event locale, then luckily, the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman had changed the air filters in the event locale just in time for the ceremony to start, and everything was perfect for our wedding day.

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