How do I get out the animals separate from damaging my ventilation

A customer called me in a panic Last weekend because she was concerned about a different sound coming from the basement.

I wasn’t quite sure that I could help.

The odd sounds might not have been related to the heater or the cooling system. The person seemed to think that that sound was coming from the heating pump area of the system. She did not want to unattach the cover from the cooling system to look at the HVAC equipment further because she was a little afraid of what might be inside. I agreed to help this customer with the unusual plus potentially dangerous call. I went directly to the place ASAP the next afternoon. I had to go to the lakeside house the previous day, however the homeowner was not there when she called. She set the appointment for the following day. The first thing I did was go to the basement. I shut the basement door so I could listen to the sounds that were coming from the basement. After 10 or15 minutes, I started to hear a different scratching sound. It was honestly coming from the ductwork. I couldn’t sense any movement behind the ventilation, although I could honestly hear something going on. The only way to reach the bottom of the concern was to chop into the duct task to see what was going on behind the ventilation ducts. The owner agreed to the task plus I got started. There was a nest of baby mice in the vents and ductwork. It was a miracle that all of us were able to unattach all of the mouse babies separate from harming any of them.

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