How should you run your A/C more efficiently?

An air conditioning system is vital in combating the stifling heat experienced while in the Summer weeks.

However, the comfortable temperature levels come with increased utility bills, more so if you use your air conditioning system inefficiently! Running your A/C more efficiently may reduce your utility bills significantly, saving you currency.

Running your A/C more efficiently will also prevent your system from working harder than it is designed to, reducing premature wear as well as tear, saving you currency on frequent service bills as well as possible early replacement. The first way to run your A/C efficiently is by keeping your room temperature stable, and blasting your A/C on the lowest possible level on sweltering days may keep your loft comfortable, but it is not the most efficient way to run your AC. Instead, set your air conditioning system to run at a stable temperature of about 18 up to 21° C. These temperature levels will still keep your loft comfortable while consuming less energy. Use a fan setting for those boiling but not overbearing days. Even though the fan won’t produce air that is as frigid as the cooling setting, the breeze created by your fan will be refreshing as well as less extravagant compared to running the cooling setting unnecessarily. Consider investing in a smart thermostat to avoid cooling unoccupied spaces. There is no need to run your air conditioning system when it is not needed, as it is inefficient. Ensure you change your filters at least once every week to ensure official airflow through your system. Dirt as well as debris clog your filters over time, causing your air conditioning system to run inefficiently.

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