How we bought the suitable HVAC unit for our milk shop

It’s been six years since we opened a milk shop in a new town.

After living abroad, we finally decided on the city to call us forever home. It was busy and had lots of business opportunities. After doing some business surveys, we decided to open a milk shop near the fresh food market. It was located in the busiest part of town, which was a bonus. Luckily, our realtor was an expert in negotiating leases. We got in touch with several dairy farms and got a good supplier. At the shop, we had to do some indoor preparations, including replacing the HVAC unit. It was easier than incurring continuous AC repair costs. The previous shop owner had the air conditioner for a long time, so we decided to change it. The goal was to find a suitable central air conditioning unit that was energy efficient. I decided to talk to several HVAC vendors while my partner handled other store matters. There were several cooling unit companies in the city offering different services. I wanted one who would take care of the AC installation and be back for regular maintenance. Many had large commercial HVAC systems, but our shop wasn’t too big. Getting a large unit would consume too much energy and increase our costs. I was almost giving up when the realtor called with a recommendation. There was an AC technician in the next city who had smaller units. I got in touch with them and agreed on the best day to meet. The heating unit expert came and set up the best HVAC unit for our milk shop. Despite coming from far, he didn’t charge us any extra mileage costs. We signed an HVAC maintenance contract, and we’re delighted his repair charges were fair. He didn’t offer 24-hour repair services but would come as soon as possible if there was ever an issue with the heating and cooling system.

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