Hunting time for a new heater

I am going to go to the store and grab some baking soda for my cat’s litter box.

I think if I have a bunch of baking soda in the bathroom where their litter box is it will absorb some of that nasty cat pee smell.

I bought this new silica litter that lasts for two weeks before you need to change it and I need to start writing down the date I changed it so I know when two weeks have passed. Maybe I will change it every other Sunday so that I remember when it is. The local business sells baking soda really cheaply, and since it doesn’t need refrigeration it can last for a long time without going bad or anything. I think that I will buy like 10 bags of it and make the whole bathroom floor an inch thick, haha, maybe not the best idea right? I think a better idea would be to put an air purifier in the bathroom, or better yet, install another bathroom fan to help remove the smell from the room. I think the local contractor sells fans for a good price and I may buy one soon if the baking soda doesn’t do the trick. I have a good running system in my house to keep smells out, but running it would cost a lot of money each month. So I will ask the HEPA filter salesman if I could install a HEPA filter in my air purifier and put it in the cat room to remove the smell. That should do the trick, along with the baking soda helping some too.

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