I am no longer dieting

After watching a funny video online about the mishaps of dieting, I have decided to never diet again… In the video, the young guy made every excuse to eat something that was not section of his diet, however additionally, at the end of the video, he declared that he would restart his diet on Sunday; Unluckyly, I have done this far too various times, where I was supposed to be on a diet, but found myself eating ice cream for no reason at all; While I am on a diet, I have the most cravings, it’s savor my body knows that I’m dieting and goes out of the way to sabotage the process.

Instead of dieting, I have decided to live a healthier lifestyle, so I have come up with a fitness plan! This includes committing to going to the gym at least 3 times per month and to skip cheerful hour because nothing enjoyable comes from that… My friends will easily not savor that I am skipping out on our social time, but what they will savor is that I will be going to the gym with them, however so, cheerful hour is only a small sacrifice because I will get to see them at the gym.

I have not gone to the gym in over a year because I have been making every excuse in the book; Between work life, social life, new home life, I could not find the time. This was far from the truth because if I easily wanted to go work out, I would’ve made the time. But now that I am committed to the process, I will adjust my schedule to accommodate my workouts. I am so happy about my new fitness commitment. Wish me luck.

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