I can’t believe the theater already turned the heating on full blast

I can’t even believe that the local movie theater has already turned their heating system on full blast this year.

They don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to the heating system there.

I feel like someone should have taught them to better manage the thermostat settings in the theater before they started running it. As it is right now, the place is always burning hot in the fall and winter and it’s freezing cold in the summer. They have the same issues with the air conditioning that they have with the heating system. They just can’t seem to find a happy medium in that place for some reason. When I was there the other night, it was a little bit cool outside, but the temperature was probably still about 60 degrees or so. It wasn’t like the weather was cooling off so much that they needed to turn the heating system on full blast! But whenever I went into the lobby to get my movie ticket, I noticed that there was hot air blasting down on my head and it just didn’t stop! The heating system kept running and running the whole entire time that I was inside of the movie theater. I was sweaty and miserable before I even got my popcorn and the line wasn’t even all that long. I couldn’t really enjoy my movie because I just kept on thinking about how hot it was in there. I think they could really use a lesson on setting their thermostat correctly. It’s not cold enough for that yet!

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