I can’t carry a window air conditioner

I can’t carry a window air conditioner, and I am honestly pretty ashamed of that. Now, I realize that I definitely need to start working out if I am ever going to be able to be useful to anyone in any physical capacity. I have always been a pretty small guy. I have never been able to build muscle very well, but I also never tried to build muscle. I didn’t have a lot to eat as a kid, and I was never very interested in exercising. Honestly, I preferred to sit at home and read books all day. As you can imagine, this was not very conducive to my physical strength. However, as an adult, I am beginning to realize just how weak I am. Someone recently asked me to help them install a bunch of window air conditioners, and I obviously agreed to help them install the window air conditioners. These window air conditioners did not look that big, and I really wasn’t that concerned about it. However, when I tried to pick up the window air conditioner, I realize adjust how heavy the window air conditioner was. I tried to lift it, but I could only carry it a few feet before I had to let it go. My friend acted like it didn’t matter that I couldn’t help him install the window air conditioner, but that was the least of my concern. I was just so embarrassed that I couldn’t carry the window air conditioner. At that moment, I realized just how weak I was. If I ever wanted a family, I would certainly need to be strong enough to at least lift a window air conditioner. I am going to have to start working out immediately.

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