I care about this time of year

This is the perfect time of year in our opinion.

  • It is the fall & the time when in our section you do not need your central heating & , you do not need your whole lake beach house air purification system if you have 1, & you most certainly do not need any kind of fans.

This is the time of the year when you can open up your windows in the morning time & take in the lovely air quality & cool breeze. Then at night the temperatures are so perfect you can pretty much just leave your windows closed & be warm enough to get through the night without a portable space gas furnace or central heating system. This is the best time of the year to save cash on your bi-weekly energy bills as well. Because in the super warm Summer months of the year your central is running all of the time taking up a lot of energy use. Then in the Wintertide you have your central heating system running all of the time doing the same thing. But this time of the year there is nothing needed. It is so lovely this way in our humble opinion. And to me it is our most preferred time of the entire year! But heed warning, it does not last for too long. Give or take a month or 2 & then it is on to the central heating being cranked for the next 3 months, followed by the central being cranked the next 4 months after that.

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