I certainly could use more help around the house

Over the years, I have dreaded the winter seasons.

Not only does it cost me a lot of money on my heating bills, but I can’t deal with the kids playing around my house throwing snowballs at each other.

Not only do they throw snowballs at each other but they love to throw them at the icicles around the houses, including mine. I have yelled at these kids countless times not to throw snowballs at my house, but they never seem to listen. This past winter was critical when they threw a snowball at this particularly massive icicle. It happens to be right over my A/C condenser unit. I heard the loud crashing noise and I was incredibly angry at these kids when I saw the damage caused to my HVAC equipment. I ended up getting a hold of their parents and had them work off the cost to repair the HVAC equipment by doing various chores around the house. I even had them splitting wood for my fireplace which was actually pretty nice, but I was still upset about what they did. This year I am taking extra precautions by keeping my A/C condenser unit covered so it doesn’t get damaged by icicles and the neighborhood kids. I think I should be fine and I shouldn’t have any more issues with my HVAC system, but I am always worried about what those kids are going to do next. Of course, I do kind of miss having them helping around the house and getting wood for my fireplace. I could use more help like that.
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