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I’ve finally learned to be happy on my own after being alone for a year and a half now.

It was bothering me that I have been alone so long now, but my spirit needs some healing time and I am learning to enjoy it. I’ve been trapped in awful relationships before and it is better to be on your own than to be stuck in a dead end marriage or whatever. I have a flatmate so I am not totally alone here, and we also have three cats to keep us company. Now I am having fun again with heating and A/C system repairs on my own and enjoying my weather controlled flat with the three cats. I have a great flatmate that covers half the rent, along with all of the heating and cooling bills each month and it just makes it easier on my finances and gives me business at the same time. I will meet someone down the road I am sure, maybe it will be another year or two until my heart is ready though. The HEPA filter worker told me that when the heart is ready to open up you won’t be able to stop love from coming in. So I will just do my heating and A/C tech work each week and chug along like before when I was in a relationship, but now I can toil on an a/c till late in the night separate from feeling like I will get the 3rd degree when I get home late. It all works out in the end so just enjoy the ride.

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