I found some problems with the ductwork

My sister was thinking about buying a house up in the country and she wanted to know if it was worth the money or not.

She already had a townhouse in the city.

She asked if I would take a look at the place. I work as a general contractor and a certified HVAC repair technician. The first thing that I looked at when I got to the property was the heating and cooling system. I found some problems with the ductwork that were going to be costly to fix. There were some places in the attic where the ductwork did not seem to be attached to anything at all. I was worried that the ductwork was going to be expensive, but my sister was more concerned with the foundation and the roof. I didn’t find any problems at all with the roof and I walked all over it. I also used a special machine that allows me to see problems that might be happening under the roof. I also looked at the foundation and did not find any problems. Other than the issues with the HVAC system, I really didn’t think that the house was in bad shape. I told my sister that it was a good buy and she should try to get it for a good price. The owner of the house was trying to get $260,000 for it, but I felt like my sister could probably talk the guy down to $245,000 after she told him about all of the small problems that I found.

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