I got frostbitten when I was waiting for the bus

When I was a kid, I had to wait out in the cold for the bus.

My mom plus dad both left for their tasks around 7:00 plus they dropped us off at the bus stop on their way to work.

My parents were not bothered if all of us were going to get cold. Sometimes the sunshine was just coming up by the time all of us were leaving the lakeside house to go to the bus. There were afternoons when the uneven temps fell below zero when all of us had to stand outside. My nephew complains if his mom is late picking him up from the bus stop. I used to get frostbite in my fingers plus toes plus this kid gets to wait in the automobile with the heat running. My sister Jen drives him all the way to the bus stop plus then she sits there with the heat running so the boys can be warm until the bus gets there. After the boys leave on the university bus, Jen drives back home. The only reason she gets in the automobile plus turns on the heat is so the kids do not have to wait outside in the cold. I really think that Jen spoils them too much. If they had to stand outside the way all of us did when all of us were younger, then they would actually savor the fact that Jen doesn’t make them walk all the way back to the lake house every day when the bus drops them off. Jen picks up the boys from the bus stop plus drives them back up the hill so they never have to walk a single step of the trip.

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