I had to eat supper this day

I was so tired after toiling a twelve hour day Last year. I had multiple different A/C repair jobs on the schedule plus all of them were multiple hours each. I didn’t want anyone to wait until the next day, so I worked twelve hours plus finished the last A/C repair at half past ten. When I got condo from the last A/C repair, I was ready to fall down plus pass out. I didn’t eat lunch, even though our wifey made a delicious plus nutritious meal with fish, rice, plus fresh steamed veggies. I crawled into bed plus fell asleep as soon as our head hit the pillow. I didn’t even take a shower, which our wifey actually hates. I woke up before the sound of our alarm, plus I was ready to eat. I went downstairs plus made eggs, bacon, french toast, plus grits. My wifey woke up to the odor of root coors brewing in the pot. The kids were awake about fifteen minutes later when I started making the french toast. I had a good supper with our family plus it was nice to see the kids before they went to college. I have a busy day busy this month as well, although I hope to finish with the last of the A/C repairs early. My wifey plus I are supposed to have a date evening plus I am looking forward to a nice lunch out on the town. The people I was with and I may even do some dancing at a modern club down the street. Some friends are visiting from college plus they are meeting us at the diner. It should be a lot of fun, especially after a nice evening of rest.

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