I have been lonely lately, found a good hangout

Due to my utterly paranoid wifey, I have been locked in my cabin for the past 6+ weeks.

Although everyone are now at least somewhat used to the pandemic plus moving on with their lives, my wifey can’t get a grip with the fact that the people I was with and I need to transport on.

She still insists on myself and others plus her staying locked in our cabin almost 24/7 plus that everything the people I was with and I should do should be online to reduce the risk of getting infected. So, I managed to convince her to let myself and others have the weekend to do outdoor activities, without her worrying. I was finally ecstatic to have a bit of my freedom back, however, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. Most of the places near here I have been to before, so I spent most of my time browsing video game stores plus electronics. Then, I happened to come across a building that was different to me. It turns out this was a current place. It was an indoor go karts place. I was incredibly interested plus I walked inside. I was met with the sound of speeding go karts, plus I went to sign up to join. It was fairly cheap, but it did have a long waiting time. While I was waiting, I sat on a bench next to their HVAC unit. It was different to see their heating plus cooling method out in public view, usually most air conditioning systems are in a back room; Regardless, I didn’t mind feeling the cooling breeze from the air conditioning method while I waited for my turn. I guess I found my current place where I am going to hangout.

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