I have been running my climate control

I’ve legitimately put my process engineer skills to toil with my lifestyle.

I work just 15 hours a week and spend little time cleaning the flat thanks to my robot helpers.

I just cook supper a few times a week and freeze the leftovers and rotate what I eat each week so it doesn’t get monotonous. I bet I spend about five hours a week cooking, shopping, and cleaning the flat, which is great because that means only 20 hours a week are spent doing things that are considered “work” to me. My heating and A/C tech task is legitimately light work because I no longer lift heavy heat pumps or air con systems and just do paperwork and inventory for the local business. The rest of my time is spent doing what I love, which is music and volleyball, and it is the type of lifestyle I’ve been longing for for a long time. My weather conditions control system is running this afternoon for four hours while I do my work and chill with the cats. So I basically work three hours a day on average, which means I have about 12 hours free to do as I please, which seems to be a great balance for me. My heating and A/C supplier friend back in the States told me that his heating and A/C business keeps him busy and he only has an hour and a half of free time each day. He spends a lot of time selling boilers at his local contracting business and when he gets home he is pretty much spent.

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