I kept yelling at my husband over the temperature control

The house’s climate control settings were the main cause of my resentment toward my husband.

When I wasn’t home or looking, he was definitely changing them, I was certain of it.

Though he assured me he wasn’t. My friend and I got into a heated argument over it after I kept accusing him. He claimed that he was upset with me because I wouldn’t stop bothering him about it and that I was upset because I was constantly hot and someone was fiddling with the furnace and temperature control whenever I wasn’t paying attention. Even in the middle of winter, I like to keep the furnace set at 66 degrees because I like to keep the temperature control settings around 66 degrees all year long. In the summer, I prefer to keep the house chilly, and if anyone complains of being too cold, I advise them to simply put on a jacket. In any case, my friend and I were arguing about it and we eventually realized that the battery in the temperature control was low. I suppose that since it is my house and I am just a hot-tempered person, I should just be able to keep the temperature control settings exactly where I want them to be. The temperature control was deviating from its routine due to the low battery. I couldn’t figure out why it kept changing even though my friend and I had the digital programmable temperature control set to what we wanted. My friend and I were irate with each other about it at first, but we stopped after realizing that it was caused by a low battery.

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