I lost indoor cooling during a massive heat wave

Life slowed down harshly during the height of the pandemic! Some of us were able to work from home, which created a better work/life balance, however personally, I enjoyed being at home because I was able to work in a comfortable environment.

While finally working from home, I used our air conditioning more than normal, it was on every day especially during the Summer months, however everything worked good with it until one day, I was in our yard, plus heard a noise coming from the HVAC that didn’t sound right. I listened keenly, plus as the noise progressed, I knew something was wrong with the unit. I instantly contacted our HVAC repairman to schedule an appointment; however, due to the high volume of calls, he was unable to schedule me for 2 afternoons. I didn’t know I could go numerous afternoons without air conditioning in that kind of weather, so I pressed our HVAC worker on the reason for the delay, however he mentioned that he had an overwhelming number of service calls, apparently, there were many shoppers who were having HVAC complications during the Summer. It could be because the people I was with and I were in the middle of a heat wave, plus the air conditionings were finally working overtime to keep up with the demand. I was upset about not having A/C for numerous afternoons, however I was able to make it through, plus when Steve finally evaluated our unit, he replaced a broken capacitor that he said had malfunctioned. He mentioned that he was seeing this issue a lot plus equated it to the intensity of the heat from the sun that Summer. I am just happy it wasn’t a major issue, plus I was finally able to keep working diligently in a comfortable environment.

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