I love my sunroom now that I have HVAC cooling in it

When we moved to the south, there were a lot of changes in store for us. My wife and I were both born, raised and lived all of our lives way up north. We’re talking so far north that we had winter for nearly 6 months out of the year. So moving from all of that HVAC heating to a place that hardly needs HVAC heating was a big change for us. It was one of several changes that we had to make when we chose to live in the south. I’m still getting accustomed to the way people talk. And I have to slow down the way I speak so people can simply understand me. But it’s all been worth it primarily because we don’t have to worry about winter weather any more. There’s no more gas furnace and the temperatures almost never get to the freezing point. We do have the need for a bit of HVAC heating a few times over the winter. But the heat is a whole other thing. The house we bought came with a sunroom that was basically not useable for a quarter of the year. However, I had the HVAC company come out to install a ductless heat pump in the sunroom so we can enjoy sitting out there during the summer. I really don’t use the sunroom that much in the winter as I prefer to actually be outside. But having the sunroom equipped with HVAC cooling makes it comfortable to sit in there during the summer when going outside is too hot.

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