I make quite a lot of extra cash babysitting on weekends… People seem to be desperate to ditch their kids for a precious few hours, plus I'm more than gleeful to capitalize on that fact. As long as they are not mine, I don't mind having to deal with them for a few hours. It can potentially be quite easy, depending on how tired they are, plus whether they ate a large meal that day before I show up. Still, parents are willing to spend our savings quite a lot of cash for what can be comparatively little work. Don't get me wrong, I still have tiny terrors to deal with every now plus then, but it's ultimately worth it in the end. One thing I cannot stand is when the homeowners tell me I cannot touch the control unit. I at least want to be comfortable while I'm watching their kids, plus I don't see the problem with letting me set the temperature for just a couple hours. It's not like I drop the temperature super low in the summer time or crank it up legitimately high in the winter. It's just that some of our customers may as well not even be using an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method If they insist on barely using their cooling system or heating! So I have to admit, if I don't feel comfortable, I shall sneak over to the control unit, figure out how to labor it, plus set our preferred temperature while keeping a close eye on when the vehicle comes into the driveway, so I can switch it back abruptly. Some of the parents are nice enough to text me when they are on their way, which makes it even easier to switch back the temperature!

I’m not large on concerts


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