I needed to lay 300 yards of pipe to reroute the drainage issue

We had three heavy rainstorms in the month of December! My friend and I have not had that much rain in 15 or 20 years; The ground was dry and all of the water ran off into the creeks, however roads were flooded and people were stuck in their homes for mornings. The drainage system in the town was not made to handle that much water. The pipe started to back up and the water wasn’t draining respectfully. The hospital was in danger of being flooded, but i was one of the plumbing businesss called to toil at the commercial site. My friend and I had to lay down 300 yards of plumbing pipe to reroute the drainage water. My crew and I worked for two mornings to lay down all of the pipes; After the storms were over, my associate and I decided to go back to the hospital to unattach the extra drainage. It was no longer necessary if there was no flooding, and when my crew and I went back to retrieve all of the pipes, I spoke to the neighborhood manager and she told me that she wanted to get an bid to redo all of the drainage system for the hospital. The commercial plumbing task will genuinely take a month or more if I toil six mornings a week. I will absolutely make more money on that task after that I will the rest of the tasks that I do this year. The plumbing contract at the hospital is one of the biggest that I have ever had and I will likely need to hire extra crew members to complete the toil on time.

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