I recently taught my seven-year-old how to change the air conditioner filter

My kids are wonderful, but they’re still learning a lot of tough and important life lessons.

You have to allow your children to make their own mistakes because mistakes are often the most powerful teaching moments.

What better way to learn how to do something right than to do it wrong and see why? This is important when you teach someone how to cook. You can’t just do everything for them and then ask them to watch you; instead, you have to hand them the spatula and let them do the work themselves. It’s perfect because they’ll learn regardless of whether they fail or succeed. Failure will show them what they’re doing wrong, while an unexpected success will encourage them to keep doing certain things right. When I wanted to show my seven-year-old how to change out the air conditioner filter, I first did it myself so he could see how it’s done. Then I handed him the filter and asked him to do it in front of me. Since it’s such an easy task, my son was able to complete it on the first try. You just have to pay attention to the little arrows on the edge of the filters to show you which direction the air flow goes in. You have to put the filter in the right direction to match the air flow of the HVAC system itself. This is probably the only thing you can mess up when doing a filter replacement, short of purchasing the wrong filter from the store. I am happy that my son is proud of himself for learning how to replace the air conditioner filter.


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