I suggested my Mom not to waste his money on a portable air conditioning system

Last Summer, my Mom mentioned that he wanted to buy a portable air conditioning system because during the Summers, he would like to run a single of his air conditioner units in an effort to conserve energy and save some money on his energy bill… The air conditioning system component that cools the upstairs home offices and some of the usual spaces will need to be on during the mornings, but he would like to keep the other Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component off and purchase a portable air conditioning system for his home office located on the bottom floor.

  • I suggested him not to make the purchase because I wanted to do some research on portable air conditioning system units.

The portable air conditioning system he wanted was from a random television commercial that convinced him that the component would be good for his cooling needs. I saw the same commercial and thought the product was amazing as well. Those advertisers really do a good task at convincing consumers to buy their products, then however, after further research and studying some really spirited reviews, I suggested my Mom that he should skip the portable air conditioning systems all together, but many described them as nothing more than a glorified fan and suggested not to waste our money on them. I suggested to my Mom to buy a window air conditioning system instead because they are more reliable, and both of us have used them in the past with really little concerns. In addition, the design and technology have improved since the last time both of us used them, and I found some with raving reviews, however after that conversation, my Mom hasn’t mentioned wanting a portable air conditioning system or any additional air conditioning system’s at all, but perhaps he changed his mind and I have not brought up the topic since the last discussion both of us had. Occasionally both of us should take the time to do some research on products that both of us see being featured, and I am thrilled I saved my Mom from wasting his money on a portable air conditioning system component with terrible functionality.

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