I Swear for My Health

I watched a humorous documentary that was all about the origin of swear words.

If I uttered these words as a kid, my mother would fetch that bar of soap that had the singular goal of cleansing my oral cavity to prevent future occurrences.

The show’s first two episodes delved into the history of the two most popular swear words. One begins with an F and the other was historically used (and still is) as a synonym for excrement. The origin of both words is a mystery. The F-word might have come from medieval days where kings may have had the authority to approve or disapprove of bedroom activities between two consenting adults. Because “S” has always been “S”, the S-word had a more straightforward path to achieve swear word status. The show went on to claim that we store swear words in a primitive part of our brains and when used, they trigger hormones that can reduce our pain levels and relieve stress. Finally, I had a good excuse for my recent behavior. I had been muttering those two swear words when my monthly electric bill spiked because of a leak in our home’s HVAC ductwork. Later, I cut my hand while using a kitchen knife to make my HVAC patch. Unfortunately for me, my wife and kids witnessed my tirade that included many swear words The Netflix show helped me explain that my primitive brain caused the outburst and that it was genuinely good for my health and pain tolerance to use the words. My wife’s response was to hand me a bar of Ivory Soap and to make a call to a qualified HVAC company to send someone out to complete the HVAC repair I had started.

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