I think I can do radiant heat installation

You basically lay them down like tile.

I have looked into a heated flooring installation and it doesn’t seem too tough. I started out extremely unhandy. When I bought my house I could only paint and scrap. Now I am becoming quite good with tools. I have mudded, added drywall and done some tile work. I am impressed that I can cut and lay tile, grout it and have a smooth finished product. I have been eyeing up my living room for quite some time. The living room has this dark brown rug that is just disgusting. I want to rip it up and put grey tile down. It would make my living room so much more modern. Since I am ripping up the floors anway, I have been looking into radiant heating. Apparently this is the best time to do it. At first I thought I might need to call a HVAC contractor. After watching some videos and reading articles, I think I can do the installation on my own. It seems pretty straightforward. After I rip up the rugs and get down to the plywood, I just need to drill in my cement board. I know how to do that. After that the electric heated mats are placed on top. You basically lay them down like tile. It seems super easy and I would check my work before tiling over top. That is the scary part. Once I finished the heating installation I would need to put mastic on it, tile and then I would grout the finished product. If I made a mistake, I would not be able to access that heated mat again.

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