I thought my event was supposed to be perfect.

When I was a little girl, I remember playing dress up with my Barbie dolls, however i would dress them up in the wedding clothes & have a large wedding with all my other dolls & stuffed animals in attendance, however those dreams of a perfect wedding followed me into my adulthood.

I thought my wedding was supposed to be perfect, however I was about to be disillusioned, but my fiance & I had everything planned out, right down to the minute.

The two of us knew the exact time they would introduce us as hubby & fiance. The two of us even had an exact time for the wedding dance to happen. I thought the people I was with and I planned out everything until the day of the wedding. The locale called early in the day & told us the Heating & Air Conditioning system wasn’t working. I couldn’t imagine having 250 people in a single hall, & no air conditioner, then what I thought was going to be my perfect wedding was ending up being a disaster. The locale gave to let us use another room, however it was only big enough for 200 people. I was in tears thinking about how our gorgeous wedding was ruined because of the lack of air conditioner. My soon-to-be-hubby told me everything would be okay & even gave to get his brother to look at the air conditioner, and how was I going to let his best man go to work, even if he was an Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman? Luckily, an minute before the people I was with and I were to arrive at the locale, the employer called & said the Heating & Air Conditioning system was repaired & the wedding could go on as planned.

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