I waited too long on service

Due to COVID, tons of businesses are shut down or no longer doing in person visits.

What stinks is that I was social distancing and not calling for services because I thought it would be temporary.

Now that everything is shut down, I am desperate for a few things. I really need to get my haircut and no salon is open. I want to get a plug added to my bedroom and a light switch removed but my electrician is taking this month off. The worst is that my HVAC system really needs a repair. For a while it had made a low humming noise that has slowly just gotten louder overtime. Now my HVAC system decides when it feels like operating. It is not that unusual for me to wake up freezing cold because my system no longer feels like heating. I have cleaned it, changed the air filter and made promises that heating service is soon. My system is pretty soon not going to believe me. Most HVAC dealers are not doing in person appointments. That means I could buy a new system or have accessories shipped to my home. I don’t need that at all. I have been trying to find one company that will do a service appointment and I found a place that does virtual consultations. I can facetime on my ipad with a HVAC technician and show him the issues. He can tell me what’s wrong and what the repair will be. The guy won’t come to make the repair though, so what is the point?

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