I wanted to help but the air vents were disgusting

I wanted to help my neighbor Rachael, but the air vents in her house were disgusting.

Furthermore, I went over to help her with her cats the other night when she ended up having to work late.

She told me that the cats were all hypoallergenic and that there definitely wasn’t all that much cat hair in the house because of that. The reason that was important to me to know was because I am allergic to cat hair. I told her that I would go over to the house to let the cats out for her, but I couldn’t stay in the house because of my allergies. She assured me that it was great because they are all hypoallergenic. Well, let me tell you, there was nothing at all hypoallergenic about Rachael’s house! There was cat hair literally everywhere, and I could even see it down in the heating vents in the kitchen where the cat cages are. I started coughing and hacking as soon as I walked into the house, and it didn’t get any better with time, that’s for sure. The heating system turned on while I was unlocking the back door for the cats, and the minute that it did, I could see cat hair flying through the house. It was being circulated around and around by the ventilation system throughout the air. It makes me feel like sneezing even right now when I’m not even there! I think that someone sold Rachael a couple of cats that are not genuinely hypoallergenic after all.


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