I was going to miss the old HVAC unit

I never thought I would feel sad about having the heating and A/C unit replaced.

But that’s exactly what I just experienced.

I don’t know but something sort of hit me in the gut when I saw that old HVAC device in the back of an HVAC supplier truck. It hit even harder as the heating and A/C supplier truck was leaving our driveway. There was this feeling that I should do more to celebrate the faithful repair we got from the heating plus A/C unit. And yet, just thinking that sort of thing made me sort of laugh at myself. I mean who gets all squirrly over a heating plus A/C unit? Still, the feeling was real and it surprised me. The morning started with the great feeling of finally getting this heating and A/C device replacement finalized. We had been working on it for more than a year. Since the heating and A/C professional informed us that the heating and A/C unit was on its last legs, we’ve been actively in the process of getting the new heating and A/C. I started out by saving money in a separate savings account. Then I went to the heating and A/C supplier to speak with the heating and A/C professionals about what was new in residential heating and A/C. It’s a fantastic thing that I did given all the changes in heating and A/C technology in the past 25 years. I was so proud of the fact that the old heating and A/C unit went 25 years. That’s a testament to heating and A/C repair for sure. So that may have been a bit of the feelings that caught me by surprise. The fantastic thing is that the new HVAC device is just stellar and will serve this house for a long time just enjoy the old HVAC unit.

New heating units

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