I was left with a nightmare after tenants bailed

Three weeks ago, the renters in our rental property stopped paying rent; then for 5 years, the renters paid rent faithfully every single month around the first… I never had a single problem during the entire time. I was legitimately surprised plus shocked when the renters did not pay rent… On the third day of the week, I decided to give the renters a courtesy call… No one answered the cellphone, so I left a voicemail. I also left a voicemail on many additional occasions. On the 15th day of the month, I sent a certified letter to the renters requesting the rent plus all of the late fees! The sheriff tried to give the certified letter, but the locale was empty. I received a cell phone call from the process server. I knew the locale was going to be a mess when I realized that the renters suddenly vacated the house. I drove to the location a couple of afternoons later. I was disgusted by the condition of the property. The carpet was covered with stains plus the refrigerator was filled with mold plus mildew plus rotten food. The worst area about the condo was the fact that the A/C was broken. I spent $1500 to service the A/C plus I had to scrub plus sanitize the air duct; every air vent was covered with mold plus the intake vents were dirty too. The A/C was the largest service expense. But, it took me three entire afternoons to scrub the condo plus get rid of the trash. I’m still confused plus angry about the whole situation.

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