I was stung by a yellow jacket

A couple of my friends and I decided to go down to the river to spend the day fishing. I was gleeful about fishing, because it was the first time that I put my pole in the water this springtime. I spent the previous night fixing up my fishing poles so they were ready to go the next day. I made sure to have plenty of fishing line, lures, and bait. I got a package of new hooks from the store. The ones in my tackle box were rusty. I must have had some water in the tackle box at some point. It caused some concerns and I had to replace some of the hooks and sinkers, and Jack picked me up on Friday and we drove out to the river. We met a couple of our other friends out there. They were already set up. I walked up and down the side of the river looking for the best spot to fish. The yellow jackets were abundant down by the river. I heard a lot of buzzing sounds coming from an area near the water. I saw hundreds of yellow jackets flying close to the ground. I backed away from the spot so I would not get stung. Unfortunately, a yellow jacket got under my shorts and stung me on the leg. I’m not allergic to yellow jackets, but my legs swelled up severely. I had to get Jack to take me back to the property and I even thought about going to the emergency room. The yellow jacket sting continued to swell up for 2 days before it started to get better.


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