I was worried about the HVAC worker when he fell

I like where I live.

It holds a special venue in my heart.

I know numerous people have the spirit of adventure and want to see current venues. I’ve done that, and even tried moving abroad once to see a new way of life. But, after two years, I moved back home because I missed the amazing culture and my family. I live in the north. I was born here, and have recently bought my first home not too far from where my folks live. Yes, I’m still a “mom and dad baby.” I have dinner with them often. But, I’m also my own person, and thanks to my successful business, I managed to raise the downpayment for a cabin. The household was up for sale for six months. The owner agreed to lower the price a bit, and fit my budget. My dad and I have been laboring to upgrade it, however my buddy and I had to stop when winter came around. It gets so cold, and the snow is deep that it’s pointless to keep laboring. However, now that spring is here, I wanted to ensure the heat pump was working, before summer. The home has a reliable furnace that kept me hot all winter. However, the previous owner opted to use a portable air conditioner only when necessary. Since he took the unit with him, I had to figure out my own way to stay cool during summer. Dad and mom have a heat pump, so I chose to install the same unit. It rained heavily the night before the worker came, and the ground was slippery. The worker slipped and fell as he was walking from the van to the home, and I rushed out to help him!


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