I wished I could move back home.

When I chose a school for my college education, I chose one that was as far away from home as I could get.

  • I was tired of the cold and the wind.

I didn’t care if I saw another glacier for the rest of my life. I enjoyed waking up in the morning and seeing the ocean from my dorm window, and I never thought I would tire of it. Then, one morning, I woke up and there was a storm brewing. The humidity was stifling, and the air conditioning wasn’t working properly. I had been in school for less than a month, and I was already feeling like I had made a mistake moving here. I couldn’t change schools during the first semester because I was afraid my parents would disown me. They put a lot of money into paying for me to go to school here. I’m just wishing I could be anywhere but here when there isn’t any air conditioning. If I could move back home, I wouldn’t need to worry about air conditioning in September. Most of the summer, my parents don’t have the air conditioning on. Maybe not needing all that heat in the summer will make me change my mind about moving back home. To be honest, I think some of my need to move back home is mostly out of homesickness and has nothing to do with the lack of air conditioning. That is just an excuse to get my parents to let me come back home, but I’m sure it won’t work. They told me that once I made my choice, there was no turning back.

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