I’m Secretly Happy My Brother’s HVAC System Broke

I’ve been telling my brother that he needs to have his HVAC system serviced by an HVAC professional for years. He didn’t even know how old his HVAC equipment was when he first moved into his house, so I had to look it up for him. I went outside and scoured the outside unit for the manufacturer date. Thankfully, the HVAC system was only 4 years old and it didn’t sound like it was in desperate need of attention. Ever since he moved in, I’ve been hounding my brother about hiring an HVAC professional to replace the air filter and examine the equipment. He’s super stubborn and irresponsible though, so he’s always ignored me. I think he’s replaced his air filter before, because I don’t know how his HVAC system would run without a clean replacement. I gave up telling my brother about HVAC maintenance a year ago because there was no use wasting my breath. Unfortunately, I realized that he’d have to learn the hard way. Last week, my brother’s HVAC system shut down completely and wouldn’t even turn on. He’d basically ran it into the ground and had to hire an emergency HVAC professional, only to realize there was no saving it. If he wanted heat and air again, he’d have to purchase a brand new HVAC system, which would cost him thousands. I’m secretly happy that his HVAC system needs replaced because he ignored all my warnings. Maybe now he’ll listen to me and understand the importance of HVAC maintenance.

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