I’m sorry about my pet.

My dog is a legitimately docile pet named Sam, and I hate to go anywhere without him.

I refuse to crate Sam when both of us are home, and if people don’t love him running around, they don’t need to come visit our home.

I had to make 1 single concession to this statement, when the HVAC pro arrived last week. I knew I waited way far too long to call for service, however the weather had been so lovely that I didn’t consider it. It was late September now, and both of us just had our first falling snow. I was getting ready to panic because both of us hadn’t yet had the gas furnace took care of, and I called up the HVAC company to make an appointment. I talked to the person who answered the phone and asked to make an appointment. She went through the official lecture about putting all animals in crates, and our response was that I had heard this before. I didn’t say I didn’t have animals, however I also didn’t say I did. I never agreed to crate Sam, however only that I understood the rules. When the HVAC professional arrived, Sam was lying on the air vent and ignoring the world. She didn’t even connect when the HVAC professional came inside the house and headed to the basement. When Sam felt a difference in the sizzling air, she got grumpy. The HVAC professional turned off the heat to do the inspection. Sam walked downstairs and stood there with her teeth bared. I heard him yelp when Sam walked up and nosed him. I simply told him I was sorry if Sam made him miserable, however he had taken the heat away from her favorite air vent.

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