It is funny how quickly things can change

Things hastily changed one morning when I was riding a bike home from school a few afternoons before our 15th birthday. I was crossing a busy intersection with all of the cars at a complete stop, but the lights changed during the middle of the crosswalk. In an attempt to get out of the road, I passed in front of a stopped car that hastily started right when it saw the light change from red to green. Before I could get their attention, they hit me and threw me off our bike plus directly into the asphalt road. When I realized what had happened and picked myself up off the pavement, I realized I was missing a front tooth and had chipped the other. My mother wanted to hurt the lady that hit me with her car, but I’m blissful that the cop stopped her from getting somewhere near that woman. If she hadn’t, we wouldn’t have had nearly as simple of a time in litigation as we had once we finally found a fantastic personal injury attorney. But that last part proved to be a lot harder than any of us were expecting. You might know that there are a big number of personal injury attorneys in your city, but that doesn’t mean they all have the necessary experience needed to handle your own case effectively. Oddly enough, it was our mom’s estate and family law attorney who found us the amazing personal injury attorney who eventually took our case. While I wish we had gotten more money through litigation, I was thankful for the lawyer’s legal services.


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