It was hard to get used to all of the online meetings

I guess that for me, the pandemic and all the changes it forced did have a few positive effects. By and large, the pandemic year was easily tough. My wife lost her job but was able to find some online work thankfully. I was sent home to work in the a/c safety of home as they closed the offices with the zone controlled heating and A/C. We were fairly new at the homeownership thing as we had been in our home about 3 years. So making the mortgage and my bills was the main focus as we rallied the best we could from inside the a/c of our home. It wasn’t straight-forward to get accustomed to all the online meetings and doing work from home but we got it figured out. We were also in super saver mode instantly. That summer time was the warmest our house had ever been as we easily pushed up the temperature control setting during the heat of the day to save on HVAC costs. This was easily the first time I had actively thought of the HVAC equipment really. So I decided that I would get consistent when it came to caring for the heating and cooling equipment. That starts with changing the air filter each week without fail. I even called the heating and A/C business to sign up for the HVAC repair plan in order to get the HVAC service seasonally. We saved so much on heating and cooling costs that we thought we’d put those savings toward servicing our heating and A/C equipment. So me getting it together when it comes to our heating and A/C responsibilities was a big plus that came out of that pandemic year.

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